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Single controller QTR

The fields of application are two-pointandthree-point controller applicationsas well as the control of control valves or LOH power controllers.

The QTR-48x48 can be supplied in DIN format 48 mm x 48 mm and disposes of a logistic output 0/14V and 2 relay outputs (3A/230V). The universal analogue input for resistance thermometer, thermoelementsorcurrent / voltage signalscan be freely programmed. Setpoint and actual value as well as all parameters are displayed via two seven-segment LED-displays (red/green) with oneortwodecimal places. You can choose to indicate the values in °C or in °F. Via the yellow LEDs, theswitch positionof the relays or the logic outputs are indicated, to which different functions can be assigned. With the binary input you can, for example, lock the operation and setting, activate a ramp or a timer or start the self-optimisation.Thesupply voltage is either AC 110 ... 240 V or AC/DC 20 … 30 V.

The controller disposes of a ramp function with an adjustable gradientfor a constant change of the setpoint. In addition to that, you can use a specialfiring curvefor smallceramic kilnsso that a controlledstartanda time-dependentfiringare possible. The user can directly enter setpoints, gradientandfiring periodon the device.

As an alternative to the front sideoperation, the controller can be programmed via setup programmeand USB interface without an additional power supply. Like all PGT controllers, the QTR series is equipped with the provenself-optimisation as well.



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