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PGT’s company philosophy

PGT considers itself as a developer and a problem solver.


We always focus on our customers and this is the basis on which PGT defines itself as a company and continues developing further.



  • We understand and appreciate our customers‘ needs and our driving force is to search for solutions concerning products and services as well as basic conditions.
  • For the whole cycle of a product life, we place highest demands on the quality and safety of our products.
  • We ensure that products to be manufactured on our behalf are only ordered with manufacturers whose aptitude with regard to quality-related processes we have evaluated and controlled as being positive.
  • We regularly verify our motivation as it always precedes any action.
  • We always try to favour environmentally friendly products and processes.
  • We are convinced of the performance of our products and the capabilities of our staff.
  • We actively promote the creativity of our staff and their autonomous working, especially when the challenges become more complex.
  • We pursue commonly defined objectives in a consequent way and we follow them even more resolutely when facing obstacles.
  • We let facts guide our decisions and for this we use knowledge being based on experience, intuition and logic.
  • We promote the imparting of knowledge within all areas of the company.
  • We document our specific expertise and make it internally available without any restrictions.
  • We stand by our convictions. We never disregard doubts. New facts always justify corrections.
  • We do without employee monitoring systems as we promote autonomous working.
  • We do not make accusations, but we act.
  • We always think and work across departments, we are attentive and focussed.
  • We act respectfully according to the principles of ethics and promote openness, honesty, fairness, integrity and loyalty.
  • We make the best use of our time.
  • We secure our specific knowledge and that of our customer projects by modern structures, contracts and identification marks. We fight against any type of misuse by a consequent criminal prosecution.
  • We reject all forms of bribery like offering money or promotional gifts to business partners. The same applies to us and our employees.
  • Our employees participate in the company success.
  • We consider optimal communication as a success factor.
  • We appreciate our employees’ willingness to make changes.
  • We offer optimal working conditions to our employees in order to achieve an effective working performance and we promote health aspects.
  • We develop and sell products and solutions. We only manufacture by ourselves in case that the supplier market is not in a position to supply our product ideas according to our constructions and quality demands or if there are conflicts of economic interest. The same applies if the protection of our idea or our knowledge is endangered by an outsourcing.



PGT-zertifizierung-iso9001-14001We are certified with ISO 9001 and 14001
Umwelt-EngagementPGT-Enviroment policy
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